Peaceful Frogs

“Peaceful Frogs” is excited to teach nature/art classes for children in Hoboken, after school and this summer!


This 1 hr class includes:

Part One: Frogs Are Green’s founder Susan Newman Lerer will educate children about the natural world. We read a stories and learn about nature and follow through with a creative project on the same theme.

Part Two: Students create an original artwork that expresses what they’ve learned from the day’s activities.
Students will use these materials:

  • Colored pencils, crayons, paint, markers, and Playdoh with tools
  • Stencils of animals, frogs, trees, palms, leaves, flowers, wildlife, etc.
  • We will experiment with color, materials and creating 3d objects
  • Words that add meaning to their artwork

*The students artwork and the class activities will be photographed and added to online galleries for family and friends to enjoy. *We always ask permission before photographing.

6-week curriculum – Grouping A

Frogs and the Rainforest
Trees and Urban Forests
Honey Bees and Crops
Sea Life and Coral Reefs
Turtles and/or Birds
Our Place in Nature (reuse, reduce, recycle)

6-week curriculum – Grouping B

Dinosaurs (fossils, etc.)
Herbs, Plants and Natural Remedies
Sea Creatures (sea dragons, etc.)
Different types of Gardens (roof gardens, vertical gardens, vegetable gardens, floral gardens…)
Space (stars, planets… our place in the universe)
Environmental problems (climate change, etc.)

The students may also create artwork to celebrate a particular holiday.