Attention parents and students in Pre-k through 2nd grade.

Susan Newman is currently teaching “Mixed Media Arts” in the after school program “Passport For Learning” at Hoboken’s Wallace Elementary School. Classes are Monday and Wednesday each week at 3:15-4:15.
“Peaceful Frogs” will be looking for spaces for classes during the summer! If interested in having
your child learn more about nature and art, please contact Susan.

Previous classes at Little Bee Learning Studio and The Brunswick School. Check out the testimonials and photos below.

Testimonial from Melissa Azzarto:

“We love the Little Bee Learning Studio!! My 4 year old daughter has been taking the Peaceful Frogs class and has so much fun. The teachers are engaging and attentive — great combo class! Every day my daughter asks if it’s time for her class. Returning for the next session for sure!”

Susan teaches art to children 3-6 at Little Bee's Learning Studio

Susan teaches art and nature education to children 3-6 at Little Bee’s Learning Studio

The 1.25 hr class includes:

Susan Newman is happy to be bringing her “Peaceful Frogs” nature and art class to the students at Little Bee Learning Studio and The Brunswick School. Each Wednesday the students will explore an aspect of nature and/of wildlife. Following the brief lesson the students will work on arts and crafts to help further the understanding of the topic.

Students will use assorted materials:
Colored pencils, crayons, pastels, chalk, paint, markers, paper
Stencils, stickers, glitter, confetti, etc.
Words, phrases or poetry that add meaning to their artwork.

*We ask permission from parents and caregivers before photographing students in class.

Some of our topics include:

Frogs and the Rainforest
Trees and Urban Forests
Honey Bees and Crops
Sea Life and Coral Reefs
Turtles and/or Birds
Our Place in Nature (reuse, reduce, recycle)
Dinosaurs (fossils, etc.)
Herbs, Plants and Natural Remedies
Sea Creatures (sea dragons, etc.)
Different types of Gardens (roof gardens, vertical gardens, vegetable gardens, floral gardens…)
Space (stars, planets… our place in the universe)
Environmental problems/issues (climate change, recycling materials, etc.)

The Art lessons include:
Learning about patterns (zebra and big cat’s stripes; frogs and salamander’s spots / stripes, etc.)
Exploring 3d and multimedia crafts. Learning how to cut and glue materials together.
Experimenting with different materials and colors.
Learning about the masters of art through creation of their own projects.

Frogs Are Green of Jersey City with Susan Newman